Unhealthy desk workers are costing your company millions of dollars.

Health-Fit Ergonomics is the cost-effective, scalable, and virtual option you need to accurately assess and ensure the health of your employees.

And the best part is, our Ergonomics solution trains your employees to utilize their current desk, chair, keyboard/mouse, and monitor effectively. No need for the high costs of ordering new equipment!

Maximize Company Productivity With Optimized Workspaces

Take the course
Our personal assessment can diagnose problems quickly and accurately.
Take The Self Assessment
Instant access to employee health progress with our analytics tool.
Implement Ergonomic and Injury Prevention Solutions
Follow through and accountability creates real change in company morale.

When You're Managing A Growing Company, Setting Your Team Up With The Right Workspace Is Critical

Watch this video to learn how we can make this happen.
Are you frustrated by the increasing cost of an unhealthy staff team?

We now have a solution for you to combat the issues that come up with musculoskeletal problems that come up at work. We give office workers the tools and training they need to stay healthy and happy at work.

Imagine how great it would feel if you knew your employees:

  • Felt empowered to take responsibility for their own health.
  • Were fully engaged in a continous learning process.
  • Never caused you anxiety or grief because you knew they were healthy and happy.
Health-Fit’s digital-based platform Ergonomics Initiative has been vital in keeping desk workers healthy while performing their daily work routine.
- Georgette Kores

This Is Where The Best Ergonomics Meets The Right Economics

Here's our process for creating healthy, happy employees.
Schedule A Consultation Call
On the phone, we will do a needs assessment for your team while answering any questions you might have.
Launch The Program
Every employee gets a customized program based on their ergonomics self-assessment.
Stop losing critical work hours because of unhealthy workstations.
Discover how simple changes in an employee's workstation can skyrocket your company's productivity. Decrease employee absenteeism and presentiment and you won't have to break the budget.

Stop losing critical work hours because of unhealthy work stations.

Discover how simple changes in an employee's workstation can skyrocket your company's productivity. You won't have to break the budget. We'd love to hop on a call with you and show you how it can be done.

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