It's Time To Transform Office Safety
We're Helping Companies Break Free From The High Cost of Muskuloskeletal Disorders

OSHA has identified that Work-Related musculoskeletal disorders are the single largest job-related injury and illness problem in the US and account for 34% of all reported lost workday illnesses and injuries, with over 600,000 MSDs requiring time away from work every year. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the single most common injury in the workplace, accounting for 15% of all workplace injuries, and 42% of carpal tunnel syndrome cases result in more than 30 days away from work.

MSDs now account for 1 out of every 3 dollars spent on workers' compensation and employers spend $15-$20 billion a year on direct costs for MSD-related workers’ compensation, and up to five times that much for indirect costs.

Health Fit Ergonomics is introducing a better way.

We've Been Improving Work Spaces Since 2010

Since 2010, Health-Fit has worked with companies such as ADT Security, Frito Lay, Royal Caribbean, Parker Aerospace, Strategic Coach, World Fuel Services, Tyco, City Furniture, Campus Management, and many others on ergonomics and corporate health. 

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