Do you have hand wrist or hand pain?

Well, then you MUST have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) right?

Maybe not. Too many times “Carpal Tunnel” is a blanket diagnosis for any hand or wrist pain.

Even worse, the treatment is then directed towards a misdiagnosis of Carpal Tunnel. Then you wonder why the treatment didn’t work. So then the surgeon tells you that you need surgery.

Do you think the surgery will work if it’s not Carpel Tunnel?

  • What if it is Pronator Teres Syndrome?
  • Or De Quervain’s Syndrome?
  • Or just wrist pain?

Decreased sensation over the pad of the thumb (Thenar eminence) distinguishes pronator syndrome from CTS because the sensory branch of the median nerve that innervates the thenar eminence does not pass through the Carpal Tunnel.

Enough of the medical mumbo jumbo. The bottom line is, there are key things to look for.

What if Ultrasound, stretches and a new keyboard don't do the trick?

We encourage you to challenge the status quo when it comes to this frustrating condition.

There are 3 Key aspects of knowing the truth about your pain and fixing it

  1. Proper Examination and Diagnosis
  2. Finding Effective Treatments
  3. Take home advice and stretches/exercises.

So, before you opt for the surgical knife, make sure it is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and that you have tried effective conservative treatment first!