What is TMJ Dysfunction?

The Cumulative Injury Cycle represents the process in which over-use injuries and pain occur. This cycle is not limited to sport, but also a sedentary lifestyle.

The process begins with Overwork, such as most sports, activities or sitting. Sport combined with a sedentary lifestyle or other repetitive activities leads to Weak & Tight Muscles. These weak and tight muscles lead to excessive Friction, Pressure, and Tension to the local muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia.

In turn, this results in Decreased Circulation and Swelling and Hypoxia (lack of oxygen) to the area. Due to this hypoxic state, the formation of adhesions and scar tissue occurs to the area which decreases the function of the local structures, making the muscles weaker and tighter. This cycle continues to perpetuate itself.

This becomes a vicious cycle that over time results in pain and injury. The cumulative injury cycle can lay dormant for months, years and even decades before the final straw occurs and the body sounds the alarm system. The alarm system in our body is a pain!

This underlying cycle that causes over-use injury is why so many patients are confused as to why they have the pain, and how the pain started. Without an "event" that caused the traumatic injury, many are left confused and frustrated.