Most of your patients are working for a computer workstation for 40+ hours per week.
As chiropractors, we know the toll this takes on their body and performance.


Over-use strain, chronic pain, increased stress, and decrease productivity are all too common for the desk jockey.

It becomes frustrating clinical when you know your examination, treatment, and recommendations seem to get unraveled by their desk job and poor ergonomics. 

The Ergonomics Self-Assessment Initiative is the perfect addition to your practice and your patient care. By implementing our ergonomics self-assessment solution in your practice, you can educate your patients and transform their computer workstation environment to support your care. Health-Fit Ergonomics is the cost-effective, scalable, and virtual option you need to assess and ensure the health of your patients accurately.

And the best part is, our Ergonomics solution trains your patients to utilize their current desk, chair, keyboard/mouse, and monitor effectively. No need for the high costs of ordering new equipment!

What is our Ergonomics Self-Assessment? Watch this short video.

The Health-Fit Ergonomics Self-Assessment enhances your practice by: 

  • Position you as an expert in desk jockey health & wellness 
  • Lead Generation
  • Improved outcomes
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Potential revenue generation

Key Features

  • Branded for your clinic with your logo 
  • OSHA based ergonomics algorithm is utilized in the self-assessment 
  • Your clinic’s unique URL for your branded ergonomics platform Provides the desk jockey with real-time solutions 
  • Teaches them how to fix their workstation during and after the assessment 
  • PDF Report of their findings for you and the desk jockey
There are 3 ways to implement this for your practice.

The ergonomics self-assessment is a great tool to enhance all three phases of the patient life cycle awareness. New patient marketing, the patient experience with your care, and inactive patient awareness. 

Here is how this works: 

The Patient Experience 

Many of your patients sit at a desk for a living, whether at work or home, and this is contributing to their aches, pains, and over-use injuries. We recommend that you have your patients who sit for a living take the ergonomics self-assessment after their first or second visit. You will have access to their results on the platform and can review that with them on the subsequent visit. They will also be guided on the appropriate changes to make as they take the assessment and review it. 

Lead Generation 

You can place this on your website and run social media campaigns to have people in your community register free for this ergonomics self-assessment in exchange for their name and email address. This is a great new patient marketing strategy. 

Step 1: Design a Lead magnet on your website 

Step 2: Design a simple landing page that is compelling 

    • Consider shooting a 1-minute video 
    • Have Instructions on taking the assessment and how to implement 
    • Email disclaimer 

Step 3: Send them to your clinic’s unique Ergonomics URL:  

Step 4: The person registers 

Step 5: The person takes the assessment and implements suggestions 

Step 6: You have a downloadable excel file with the registrant's contact information. 

Affiliate Program with Corporations 

Speak to us about an affiliate agreement where you license this platform out to a corporation and get compensated with monthly recurring revenue. You connect us with a corporation which utilizes this for their workforce. We take care of all the heavy lifting for you, and you receive compensation. This ergonomics initiative also included an online learning center for the desk worker and will help position you as an expert in corporate wellness in your community. (This scenario is not included in the monthly subscription option)

For the low monthly subscription price of $21.99, your practice can become a leader of ergonomics in your community and help your patients achieve lasting results. Simply register here and we will send you your clinic-branded site and guide you on the full implementation for your practice.

For Corporate Affiliation Program Inquiries

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